Sunday, June 13, 2010

How to fix the Apple Magic Mouse Jitters

I just bought a new Apple Wireless Keyboard and an Apple Magic Mouse for my 2008 model Mac Pro. I am anticipating a future MacBook Pro purchase so wanted to get used to the new keyboard size and have a mouse for the road.

For the first few hours of use I noticed the mouse movement very jittery. This is a very common problem as I found out. I tried several things first such as:

  • uninstall USB Overdrive
  • install Apple Magic Mouse drivers
  • change the wireless router channel to avoid possible interference
  • tweak mouse track speed settings using MouseZoom preferences
  • restart, restart, restart....
Finally I decided to try the solution suggested in this thread, using this pdf as a guide. Basically it is a hardware hack to make the bluetooth module antenna longer. Proud to say it worked perfect when all else failed - this despite having my mouse less than 3 feet from the box on the floor. Pfff....