Friday, October 30, 2009

Will I be saved by The Energy Detective (TED)?

So long story short...

I was living in the dark ages with a low power bill and a 13" TV. We decide to get a new TV. Want good picture, large screen and low price. Can't have it all. So I buy a soon to be dinosaur Panasonic Plasma 40". Return it if I don't like up until 30 days. Sounds fine.

Meanwhile at day 32 I happen to get the latest power bill. MORE THAN DOUBLED!!!! Too late - can't return it.

Decide immediate course of action is use power bar on TV and peripherals suspecting phantom power ( let alone regular use of this beast). Decide to order one of the Energy Detective ( TED 5000-C ) devices and look for other ways to reduce power. So popular of course I may have to wait 3-6 weeks before it arrives.

Preparing for the worse - may end of selling the plasma to save hundreds of dollars each month.


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