Friday, December 11, 2009

New artifact repositories for Maven you should be aware of

I recently tried creating a Maven core integration test using the archetype that the team kindly created. However when I tried to use it I got Unable to find resource 'org.apache.maven.its:maven-it-sample-archetype:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT'.

Turns out this artifact does not live in - instead I've learned that Apache has new Maven repositories set up now that projects there are slowly adopting.

Wondering why I never heard about it before....

Anyways I added a proxy for to my local Nexus install. Then I disabled my old proxy for since the snapshots-group includes the PAO repo. Finally I added the new repo to my 'All Repositories' and 'Public Snapshot Repositories' group in Nexus so that my Maven build will pick it up.

Here is some information I found out about the new repos.

The new artifact repositories - use em' or else.

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